Meet the Lab


Brett Seymoure

PhD Candidate (co-advisor: Ron Rutowski)

I am interested in Müllerian mimicry complexes of Heliconius butterflies. I am collaborating with geneticists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama to better understand Müllerian mimicry complexes through sensory and behavioral mechanisms.

Dr. Melissah Rowe

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oslo Natural History Museum (2010-present)

           Russell A. Ligon

           PhD Candidate



I          I am interested in animal behavior and the ways animals use coloration to    

           communicate with one another. Specifically, I am curious about how dynamic

           color  signals differ from static color signals and are used by animals to display

           different signals in different contexts.



Izzy Tourville

SOLUR Fellow and Barrett Honor’s student (2007-10)

Danny Francescon

SOLUR Researcher and Barrett Honor’s student (2009-10)

Afton Chavez

Barrett Honor’s student (2009-10)

Kasey Pierson

Barrett Honor’s student (2009-10)


Aaron Immel

SOLUR Researcher (2009-10)

Christie Ross

SOLUR Apprentice (2009-10)

Additional current workers = Sayah Bogor, Pierce Hutton, Kali Fardell, Tierney Coats, Jessica Givens, Cole Dellisanti, Ryan Stikeleather, Jennifer McKenna, Nathaniel Munoz, Samantha Taubel, Mariel Piechowicz, Sarah Shirota, Kristin Bliven, Fasha Johari, Josh Raiffe, Aidan Schneider, Dan Restrepo, and Roberto Torres.

Ana Bascunan

Barrett Honor’s student (2009-10)

Shana Quinn

Barrett Honor’s student (2008-9)

Additional past workers = Steffanie Jordan, Farhan Iqbal, Jennifer Bruening, Autumn Tullock, Kris Malins, Spencer Cahalan, Kyle Glew, Megan Ipson, Jacob Brill, Angela Riley, Ethan Levy, Jennifer DePew, Kellie Elliott, Chelsie Bruning Mateosky, Ryan Cordero, Lindsey Davis, Alexandra Paul, Chelsei Irving, Jeremiah Wetherby, Brett Johnson, Kenny Chan, Christine Martinez, Emily Boyle, Mu’ath Shqeirat, Gene Hightower, Michael Thomas, Meghan Chang, Brandon Balsino, Courtney Baxter, Charis Royal, Jessica Ruiz, Carrie McCormick, Rebecca Kervella, Jennifer Bauer, Joey Hahn, Kalie Rumaner, Mitch Faas, Sam Hulsey, Tipton Billingon, Amanda O’Malley, Kayla Edwins, Forrest Pratt, Rebecca Ohrmund, Cynthia Hurtado, Kenneth Aiello, Samantha Rathbun, Alicia Marcell, Romina Fahl, Jennifer Jones, Amanda Justice, Natalie Rodriguez, Princess Taylor, Jennifer Larsen, Allison Michael, Cameron Noe, Rhiannon Dysart, Virginia Davis, Amanda Snodgrass, Kyle Waites, Jennifer May, Caitlin Macmurtrie, Shamila Shanmugam, Grant Baker, Dominique Lewis, Emily Sun, Rini Parekh, Abby Bolinger, Allison Lopez, Nathan Mills, Vanessa Chizmeshya, Ashley Pekala, Andrew Winters, Ben Xiu, Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Prevost, Amanda Mozilo, Scott Harshbarger, Grant Mulligan, Maria Doty, Amy Callaghan, Quentin Walker, Luke Cousino, Heather Cornell, Connor Murphy, Nettie Emmelhainz, Jodi Smith, Alyssa Moore, Emily Boyd, Lindsay Love, Chelsea Daniel, Gregg Peifer, Ryan Fountain, Eric Lundgren, Evan Pulsipher, Lee Atkinson, Caitlin Singer, Erin Nelson, Alison Lopez, Maxym Martineau, Kim Youngs, Dawn Dell’Ergo, Brittany Youmans, Neda Javidan, Paula Siscu, Dustin Skarupa, Anthony Lozano, Troy Collon, Karrina Domke, Javier Gonzalez, Geoffrey Kimmel, Jason Fischer, Amanda Flynn, James Grieco, Craig Lowthrop, Emma Shelley, Garrett Lewis, Dustin Stewart, Jamie Keeling, Megan Keel, Neron Thomas, Rachel Garcia, Jessica Harding, Sarah Boland, Jaime Vasche, Ginger Hanson, Carrie Gonzalez, Cassie Winchell, Cheryl Schendel

Kristen Lee

Barrett Honor’s student (2007-8)

Ali Ossip-Klein

NSF REU visiting student (2009)

Lauren Washington

SOLUR Apprentice and Researcher (2004-6)

Amir Lewin

Visiting York University/ASU exchange student (2007)

Post-doctoral researchers

Post-graduate researchers

Former undergraduate researchers

Dr. Trevor Rivers

Lecturer, Undergraduate Biology Program, University of Kansas (2013-present)

Dr. William Medina-Jerez

Assistant Professor, University of Texas El Paso (2007-present)

Dr. Paul Nolan

Associate Professor, The Citadel (2006-present)

Dr. Jared Underwood (2005-6)

Wildlife Biologist, State of California

Jack Cerchiara

Ph.D. Student, University of Washington

Carlos Navarro Puig (visiting researcher, Summer-Fall 2008)

Ph.D. Student, Spain

Nick Friedman (visiting researcher, March 2010 and 2011)

Ph.D. Student, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Ondi Crino (technician, 2004-2005)

Ph.D. Student, University of Montana

Erica Diaz-Gonzales

pre-MARC researcher (2005)

Laura Beard

SOLUR Apprentice and Researcher (2004-5)

Joey Georges (technician, 2004-2007)

Ph.D. Student, ASU

Rachele Valente (McAndrew)

SOLUR Apprentice (2005)

Jon Miller (AZstart Program, summer 2009)

High School Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Heather Thomas (2005)

Jess Hauer (AZstart Program, summer 2010)

High School Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Melanie Mousel

SOLUR Researcher

Brianna Bero-Buell

Barrett Honors Student and SOLUR Fellow

Emilie Cayron

SOLUR Apprentice and Barrett Honors Student (2010-11)

Morgan Day

SOLUR Apprentice and Barrett Honors Student (2010-11)

Sara Lipshutz

NSF REU summer student (2010)

Dr. Melanie Massaro (visiting researcher, spring 2009 and 2011)

Post-doctoral fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Melinda Weaver

PhD Candidate

I'm studying behavioral differences between urban and rural house finches in Dr. McGraw's lab. I'm interested in the role that learning, stress, diet, and personality play in these differences.

Graduate students

Dr. Matthew Toomey

Postdoctoral Researcher, Washington University - St. Louis (2011-present)

Dr. Masaru Hasegawa

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Tsukuba, Japan (2011-present)

Kristen McCartney

Barrett Honors Student (2011-12)

Dr. Lisa Taylor

Assistant Research Professor, University of Florida (2014-present)

Hirbod Behbahaninia

SOLUR Fellow

Megan Best

SOLUR Researcher

Dr. Melissa Meadows

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Tuebingen, Germany (2012-present)

Dr. Mike Butler

Assistant professor, Lafayette College (2012-present)

Rick Simpson

PhD Candidate

I am broadly interested in sexual selection for elaborate ornaments and how these ornaments are used in communication. Specifically I am interested in why animals, mainly birds, have multiple sexual ornaments, and what are the evolutionary and behavioral functions of these multiple ornaments.


Andrea Brenes Soto (2012)

Visiting researcher, University of Costa Rica

Dr. Kevin McGraw

Professor and Principal Investigator

Director for Undergraduate Research in Life Sciences (SOLUR)

Chair, Sun Devil Athletics Board (ASU)

President, Sigma Xi Scientific Society, ASU chapter

Member, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (ASU)

Senior Sustainability Scientist

Dr. Mathieu Giraudeau

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2013-present)

Stacy Arnold

Barrett Honors Student and SOLUR Researcher

Autumn Moore-Barkus

IMSD Scholar

Sarah Bruemmer

Barrett Honors Student and SOLUR Fellow

Vicki Peng

High School student (2008)

Lauren Yanez

SOLUR Researcher

Meghan Cook

Barrett Honors student

Steven Reed

SOLUR Researcher

Amber Bail

SOLUR Researcher

Ellen Brooks

Barrett Honors student