1)Undergraduate courses taught by Dr. McGraw at ASU:

Animal Behavior (BIO 331) - both in-person and as an online course

Vertebrate Zoology (BIO 370)

SOLUR Experience (BIO 289/389/489)

2)Graduate courses taught by Dr. McGraw at ASU:

Current Trends in Behavioral Ecology (BIO 499)

Bird Coloration (BIO 591)

Current Trends in Animal Behavior (ANB 602)

3)New courses organized as part of the new Animal Behavior PhD program at ASU:

Research Strategies in Animal Behavior (ANB 601)

4)Courses for which McGraw lab graduate students have served as teaching assistants:

Animal Behavior (BIO 331)

Vertebrate Zoology (BIO 370)

Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 202)

General Biology I and II (BIO 181 and 182)

Microbiology (MIC 206)

Scientific Teaching (BIO 591)

The Living World (BIO 100)

SOLUR seminar (BIO 294/394/494)

Biometry (BIO 415)